An Essential Beauty Guide: How To Choose Makeup For Beautiful Fair Skin

Makeup colors often change with fashion styles and trends. The trending new color may or may not be the right choice for your skin. So, how do you go about choosing the right makeup that’s perfect for your skin?  Follow the handy tips shared in this makeup tutorial to find out.


Determine Your Skin Tone 

Understanding the actual color of your skin and undertone can help you buy the right foundation shade for your skin. Many skin foundations have a series of 2-3 colors (cool, warm and neutral), which makes it hard to decide which particular product to pick. Cool, warm, and neutral undertones are usually categorized as follows:

–    Cool: Red, Pink, or blue undertones

–    Warm: Golden, peach or yellow undertones

–    Neutral: A balance between both warm and cool colors

If you don’t know what your specific undertones are, use this test below:

  1. The White Vs Cream Test: Pick a white towel and put it next to your face, look in the mirror, and check that you’re not wearing any makeup. The shades of the towel will make the undertones pop and become look clear to the eye. If you get a pure white shade, it means your undertones are warm. If your skin appears bluish or more deep-purple, it means you fall under the cool-tone category. If you’re flattered by the mix of both cool and warm color shades, it means you’re probably neutral.
  2. The Vein Test: Check the veins on your wrists. If they appear green, it means you have warm undertones. If they appear blue, it means you have cool undertones. If they have a mix of both warm and cool shades, you have neutral undertones. 3.    The Jewelry Test: If gold jewelry appears to enhance your skin complexion, you lean toward a warm undertone. On the other hand, if silver jewelry suits your skin tone best, you have cool undertones.


Foundation for Fair Skin 

Because you’re aware now of your undertone, determining which foundation to buy is easy. Depending on the results acquired, choose a foundation that matches with your specific undertones.

Lipstick Colors For Cool Skin Tones Choosing The Right Lipstick Color Indoindians - Makeup Ideas For Girls

Flattering Lipstick Colors 

A great number of light-skinned ladies wear shades that range between bright and bold colors. When hunting for the perfect nude, search for shades that have a peach or a mild pink color not to appear washed out. Shades with peachy-coral hues work best for people with cool undertones. People with fair skin and warm undertones look gorgeous in orange lipstick.


Choose the Right Blush 

For many people, picking the right blush is usually a big challenge, especially when it comes to makeup. Even women experienced in beauty sometimes also feel overwhelmed. A good blush should conjure a natural and subtle looking makeup. Apply too much and you will look like a clown, or too little and you will look washed out. Always pick a good shade that matches your skin tone. Make sure you have at least two shades to pick from like a peach and a pink at least for more choices. Using a highlighting brush, apply some highlighter above the area you placed the blush to add a flawless finish to your cheeks.


Best Bronzer for You 

Depending on your skin tone, choose a bronzer with one or two shades options–darker than your natural skin tone. Stay away from a shade that can draw more shades deeper than your skin tone, or else it will appear artificial. For instance, women with fair skin should use a sheer, peach-colored or a slightly rose bronzer. Women with medium skin should look for an earth-colored or a sheer copper bronzer for a lovely natural look. Lastly, women with dark brown skin should use rich, chocolate-brown bronzers with a subtle shimmer of warm undertones. Wearing the right bronzer can make you look healthy and glowing!


Eye Shadow Shades 

Like with other shades, always pick an eyeshadow that agrees with your undertones. Women with fair skin look great in gray and brown eyeliners, while ladies with darker skin appear hot in dark, bold eyeliners. On the other hand, women with darker skin should avoid using ashy shades to avoid looking dull. They should rather stick to vibrant hues to enrich their skin tone. Women with fair skin should stay away from a gray shade because their image will appear bruised and not beautiful.


Understanding skin tone is key to finding makeup colors that work best for fair skin. Make sure you choose a foundation, bronzer, blush and glow that match with your undertones to acquire a glowing and fabulous look. Rather than hire a pro makeover artist to fix you, use this guide to determine the shade that suits your skin tone. Or you can simply buy sleek makeup in Malaysia here to pick a shade that revitalizes and glows your look effortlessly.

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