6 Things to Know Before Getting a Biofibre Hair Implant in Malaysia

Combatting hair loss is not as simple as it looks like. With too many hair products and herbal treatments out there, it takes time to determine which one among them is the best. If you have been searching for an effective treatment but you want to skip the need to try too many products out in the market, a treatment like the Biofibre hair implant might be the accurate method for you.

This kind of procedure came from a long and meticulous research of scientists who wish to help patients cure alopecia. If you are one of those who considers Biofibre hair implant in Malaysia, this post will answer some of the questions you have about the treatment. How effective is it? Is it affordable to undergo a treatment? The list will explain all the basic things you need to know about Biofibre hair implant.


  1. It is safe.

The International Standards on Medical Devices recognize its biocompatibility and safety requirements. Expect that Biofibre hair implant in Malaysia is as reliable and effective as other treatments outside the country.  The raw materials used are approved by the FDA.


  1. It is performed using Automatic Hair Implant device.

In other words, Biofibre hair implant is done with the help of manual instruments. A hair restoration specialist will place the grafts in the scalp and will do it one by one into a certain area until the patient gets the desired hair density.


  1. A session lasts four to six hours.

That is for 500 plugs or around 2,000 hairs. It is enough to obtain good results. After that, enjoy your confidence as your hair now looks like it just grew.


  1. It looks natural.

One of the biggest concerns of those who undergo treatment is if the hair will look natural after the treatment. It does and it is even stronger than the normal hair. It is very resistant and the strand does not easily break. In most cases, a hair restoration specialist will even let you choose your preferred hair length and color.


  1. It is easy to maintain.

A hair implant can last for a few years, which means you don’t have to do this often. Even if you do it more than once, you don’t have to worry about the procedure because it is usually simple, quick and painless.


  1. Biofibre hair implant is worth every Ringgit.

The cost of this treatment will vary depending on a lot of factors, such as length and shape of hair as well as the number of strands needed. But in most cases, this kind of treatment will not cost you an arm and leg. Major clinics do not usually post the treatment costs online but you can call them or send your queries thru their website and they will give you a free quotation.


Hair regrowth is possible with this kind of treatment given the proper care of hair afterward. You should get the hair thickness you wish to achieve with a Biofibre hair implant. If you have naturally thin hair before undergoing the procedure, a Biofibre hair implant can help you have thicker, natural-looking strands.

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