5 Signs Your Skin May be Aging Faster Than You

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and is the most sensitive to elements of nature. It is also the part of our body that ages the fastest. That is why it is of utmost importance to take care of our skin to prevent any premature aging.

There are several ways to protect one’s skin from premature aging, and these include wearing hats, using sun block, and using various firming creams. In fact, some experts suggest that these anti-aging creams should be used from the time one is 25 years old, and it provides the skin with the protection it needs to prevent aging and to keep the skin supple.

If you’re wondering what the earliest signs of aging skin are and how to best remedy them, take a look:


Smile Lines

These are wrinkles that appear as fine lines around the mouth and is more prominent when you smile. It starts off shallow and fine but later become more deep and pronounced. These fine lines also appear at the outer edges of your eyes and around the cheeks and foreheads. They are also sometimes called laugh lines and crow’s feet. They can be noticeable when one is as young as their late 20s, and become more pronounced towards the late 30s.


Nasolabial Folds

These are deeper winkles that form on the skin below the nose and mouth, also called the cupid’s bow. Both fine wrinkles and nasolabial folds will benefit from anti-aging creams.


Turkey Neck

Turkey Neck happens when the neck area’s skin become loose and bunches up, giving the impression of flabby skin on your neck. To help this at home, use moisturizers with peptides that encourage collagen production. You can also wear tops that cover your neck or take the attention away from them.


Hands that are spotted

As the skin on the hands become older, they lose their volume. This means that more dark spots will appear, and the skin becomes rougher, making the veins stand out more as well as featuring a lot more blemishes. You can try to apply nutrient-rich hand and nail creams to get them more moisturized and keep sun damage under control.


Rough Knees and Elbows

Aging skin tends to hit the knees and elbows too and these will be extremely hurtful as they limit your movements. Apart from pampering them with moisturizers containing ammonium lactate and urea, you can try exfoliating them with herbs and natural exfoliants to take off the rough edges.

Carrying out the previously mentioned methods for youthful skin will not keep you looking young forever, but it does provide good care for your health and will definitely contribute much to the long term glow of your skin.


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