5 Options To Explore For A Bigger Penis


It’s very rare for a man to not entertain the fantasy of having a longer and thicker appendage. It seems that having a smaller penis is a curse, or at least a joke bestowed by Mother Nature on unsuspecting gents. Living forever with a smaller-than-desired penis is no longer something that any guy has to come to terms with. Here are five proven penile enlargement methods worth exploring that have real potential for causing positive changes in male size.


1. Mechanical Pumping 

Extreme advances in sexual health technology has given rise to a diverse collection of mechanical pumps that aid in male excitement. Pumps activate the inactive blood chambers of the penis, and promote tissue expansion. Over time, consistent use of a penis pump can produce noticeable and permanent modest gains in length and girth.


2. Wearable Stretching Devices 

Mitosis is a key factor in lengthening penile tissue. Devices that clamp and stretch the penis will induce tissue growth. Though these devices are expensive and take a tremendous amount of time to produce results, they are effective in transforming a man’s appearance and confidence.

3. Jelqing 

This hands-only technique involves palpating the shaft and scrotal skin with intricately-formed hand positions and stroking techniques. Jelqing has been used for centuries by diverse cultures to increase penis size and thickness. Some men however, cannot achieve results because this technique is simply too arousing. It is best performed in a flaccid state, but continual hand use often hinders progress.

4. Weights And Stretching 

Many tribal practices involve inducing the penis to grow by attaching heavy weights and stretching mechanisms to sensitive genital areas. Even in adult stages, these techniques will make the penis grow, but are often painful and awkward to use. Forced stretching can also lead to unwanted aesthetic abnormalities like shaft bends, scars, stretch marks, and unevenness in erections.

5. Herbal Creams And Topicals 

Penis enlargement in Malaysia and other exotic places has been achieved through the application of specifically-formulated natural compounds. Using herbs and vasodilating organic substances, these cultures have been able to produce noticeable length, girth, and erection strength gains. These topicals and creams aid in skin sensitivity and blood flow volume, which is essential in achieving a maximum erection size. These creams and natural compounds also contribute to permanent enhancement of length during periods of flaccidity.

Most of the penile enlargement pills and devices on the market require a man to spend a great deal of time and money in the hope of having gains similar to advertised claims. Body tissue, especially tissue found in the penis responds best to natural substances that promote comfortable and progressive lengthening and thickening of tissues. Evidence suggests that penis enlargement in Malaysia, and other places that produce natural penis size topical treatments, have greater results that any others in the world. Increasing the size of a penis and the confidence and outlook of men is absolutely possible without pain, strenuous activity, and great expense.


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