5 Best Products to Save You From Date Night Makeup Blunders

TIt’s love month! What’s your plan this coming Valentine’s? You want your date night to be extra-special for you and your guy so apart from the important details like where to eat and what to give your guy, you must be thinking what to wear and what kind of makeup to use to complete your look. Choosing the right makeup is, in fact, more complicated than choosing clothes. Guys want their dates to look as natural as possible but on the other side, girls want to wow their sweethearts. So how are you going to achieve the perfect look without appearing “too done up”? Here are the kinds of makeup products that will save you from the common date night makeup blunders:1

  1. A natural-finish foundation- a cakey foundation is a big no-no in any scenario. Because you want to project a “no-makeup” makeup look, you will need a foundation that can give you a natural make-up finish. Try A’pieu Air Fit cushion foundation. This product is one of the most affordable cushion foundations out in the market.
  2. Waterproof eyeliner- this is the best time to nail that cat-eye makeup! A metallic eyeliner will give your eyes a more dramatic look. Opt for the waterproof type so you will not have to excuse yourself just to refine those lines.
  3. Shimmering eye shadow- a soft shimmer under your brows is prettier than having a smoky eye. Smoky eyes are for red carpets and while a bold, smoldering eye looks hot, it may be too much for a date night. Never go overboard on eye makeup.
  4. A subdued lipstick shade – semi-matte lipsticks that are close to the natural color of the lips are a great option. Remember, there is the perfect nude lipstick for every complexion.  Taupe nude looks best for those with fair complexion and olive skin. For medium skin, go for pinky nudes. Girls with sun-kissed complexions should pick the white nude shade.
  5. Setting spray- once you’re done with your makeup, use a setting spray so your makeup won’t fade throughout the night. It’s a must to set your entire face before you go. Reapplying foundation will only make your face look cakey.2

One important tip before applying anything on your face: clean and moisturize your face. When applying makeup for a date night, remember less is more. A light makeup is better than none at all. Your guy will surely appreciate that you exerted an effort to look presentable on your date.

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