3 Ways to Make Your Lips Look Naturally Plump

If you want to look sexier, having fuller lips is the way to go. Your lips draw attention to your face. Even those who are already blessed with an attractive face try their best to get plumper lips.

Of course there’s always lip injection if you want your lips to be permanently plump. But if you want to get those gorgeous lips naturally, here are three proven methods:


  1. Irritate your Lips. Yes, you heard it right. Irritating your lips will result to swelling. Slightly swollen lips give it not just an illusion of being plump – it actually makes your lips plump! To do this, a combination of special oils and the best lip balm are necessary. Here are some that you can try:

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  • Use a Mixture of Cinnamon Leaf Oil and Vitamin E OilThere are actually two types of Cinnamon Oil – the Cinnamon Bark Oil and the Cinnamon Leaf Oil. Make sure you get the latter one; else you won’t get the expected results. What you need to do is mix one part Cinnamon Leaf Oil to two parts Vitamin E Oil. Cinnamon Leaf Oil acts as irritant, which will irritate your lips enough to make it swell; while Vitamin E oil acts as the protective layer so that your lips won’t get burned in the process.


  • Use Peppermint OilPeppermint oil works just like cinnamon leaf oil, though not as potent. There is no need to mix this with vitamin E.


When applying any of the two, use a brush or a Q-tip to place the oils on your lips. Dab the mixture lightly on your lips, taking care to place only a small amount at a time so that you will see how it works. It will feel itchy and might sting a bit, but try your best not to scratch it. After a few minutes, your lips will start to swell. The longer the oils stay on your lips, the fuller your lips will become. When you feel that you have reached the perfect plump size for your lips, gently wipe the mixture off. The plumpness will last for two to three hours. Because this method irritates your lips to make them look plump, you need to use the best lip balm to protect your lips.


  1. Brush and Exfoliate Your Lips. Getting rid of the dry layer of your lips and exposing the softer layer results in a plumper mouth. If you don’t have a lip exfoliator available at hand, you can use a toothbrush with soft bristles. If that is hard to find, check the kids’ section; children’s toothbrushes have very soft bristles ideal for lip exfoliation. For best results, do this every morning.


  1. Use of Lip Pencil and Lipstick. Make-up helps enhance one’s beauty, but with creativity and imagination, you can make your lips fuller with a combination of lip pencil and lipstick. There are several videos online which will teach you how to create three-dimensional illusion of plumpness. Basically, all you need is a lip pencil that is one shade darker than the lipstick that you will be using. Use the pencil to outline your lips and create a slight “shadow” effect, making your lips look puckered up.


Although these natural methods make you get fuller lips only temporarily, they are quick and easy to do. Just make sure to take the necessary precautions when trying to improve your lips so that you would get the desired results in a safe manner.

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