2015’s Exciting Skincare Brands Straight From Korea!

2015’s Exciting Skincare Brands Straight From Korea!

Global Wave of Korean Skincare Products

Korean skincare is becoming more and more popular all around the world with every passing minute. Whether you’re in Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Australia or anywhere else on the planet, chances are you’ve encountered various popular Korean skincare brands during your visits to local makeup and skincare product counters. Certain prominent Korean skincare brands are set to make major splashes in 2015, too.



The Joys of Eye Patches

Petitfee Korea is an established Korean skincare brand that’s known for its eye patch products. If you’ve noticed that the delicate and thin skin surrounding your eyes looks tired, worn out and dry, then you may just be a good candidate for use of these skincare staples. Petitfee eye patches use ingredients such as grapefruit seed, cucumber, pearl, gold and EGF (epidermal growth factor) to provide the skin with a multitude of exciting benefits. EGF, for example, can be effective for replenishing the skin cells. Cucumber and green tea, on the other hand, can both do wonders for nourishing and hydrating the skin. See all Petitfee Korea products here.


Diverse Skincare Brand

Elizavecca is another beloved Korean skincare brand that’s rising in the world. The brand has been in business in Korea for roughly two decades at this point. Some examples of the types of skincare products that the brand produces include clay masks, sea salt moisturising creams, brightening masks, cleansing foams and collagen packs. Whether you’d like to even out your skin tone and make it more uniform or simply give it the intense moisture it needs, this brand can help you. The brand’s collagen pack consists of ingredients such as adenosine, collagen peptide, cacao seed extract and macadamia seed oil. It’s suitable for all different kinds of skin, whether combination, dry or oily. Not only does this pack aim to moisturise skin, but it also aims to make it markedly more firm and supple. If you’re concerned about the possibility of skin that looks and feels looser than before, this Korean company may be able to assist you, to say the least.




Famed Skincare Giant 

Tonymoly is yet another Korean powerhouse skincare brand that’s about to break out throughout the rest of the world. Korea is home to countless Tonymoly store branches everywhere, and they’ve even newly arrived in America. This brand’s skincare selections are extremely broad and varied. Some examples of the many types of diverse skincare products that are available for sale through Tonymoly include foam cleansing creams, foam cleansing scrubs, toners, eye creams, essences, suncreens, mists, moisturising creams, ampoules serums and lotions. While many of the brand’s skincare products focus exclusively on the face, some of them cater solely to the body. Examples of these are body, foot and hand moisturisers and perfumes.


One extremely well-known Tonymoly product is ‘Wonder Butter‘ moisture cream. This can be used for the body and face alike. It nurtures and hydrates the skin while at the same time establishing a defensive moisture shield for it. People who want soft and smooth faces and bodies frequently use this prominent Korean product.



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